Where to Conduct a Free Virtual Meeting?

Free Virtual Meeting

Do you need to meet virtually with colleagues, a client, or other people? You will find many virtual meeting programs, but with features that cost money. Instead, you can use free virtual meeting programs or virtual meeting programs that offer a free option. They don’t have certain bells and whistles compared to their paid counterparts, but they can still get the job done.

The Best Software to Conduct a Free Virtual Meeting: Zoom and Join.me

We will look at two of the best options that allow conducting a free virtual meeting: Join.me and Zoom. Both allow you to set up and host a virtual meeting, invite a certain number of participants, and share your screen for others to see.

This virtual meeting software of Join.me is available in three versions – Free, Professional for $18/month, and Business for $25/month. The free version allows up to 10 participants for meetings, screen sharing, internet calls, file transfers, and the use of mobile applications. You automatically get a free trial of the pro version, which reverts to the free version after 14 days if you don’t pay for the subscription.

With Zoom, you invite other people to join by emailing them a link to your meeting site. You can then allow every current member to join. You can talk to meeting attendees via conference call or internet calls through Zoom. The internet calling feature requires each participant to either install the Join.me a desktop app, or join the meeting using Firefox or Chrome.

To meet the needs of virtual meetings with both software mentioned above, we have implemented several improvements, including:

  • audio and video settings check – to double-check your audio and video settings before the event;
  • synchronization of the design of the meeting room – so that the participants of your webinar will have the same design as you;
  • save meeting room settings – this allows you to save the content and settings of the meeting room before the start of the live broadcast of the event.

The Main Benefits of Conducting the Free Virtual Meeting

Among the main benefits of conducting a free virtual meeting are:

  • Built-in collaboration tools.

More interactivity: Multiple conference participants can share their screens and leave comments. If you’re not too sure about using video conferencing software and just want something to work, choose the “Free” tier – it will do everything you need – and skip straight to the next step.

  • Built to Connect

Filters, reactions, polls, virtual handshakes, and music or video sharing make conferences more enjoyable and engaging.

  • Recording and transcription

Record conferences to the cloud with transcription and searchability. The closer your circle is to another person or video, the better you can hear it. Such a simple mechanism allows you to “bunch” according to interests within the framework of one event, change the circle of friends, and personally “mute” unwanted interlocutors.

Call a friend to show off your new sneakers or start free video calls with colleagues from around the world, and we will help you figure out which program to choose in which case. Users can hold online meetings in thematic rooms, each of which is decorated in its own style. You can “get together” with colleagues at a bar, at a space station, or at a movie theater. Well, or in a more familiar meeting room.