SecureDocs VDR & Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration Setting + Benefits

SecureDocs VDR & Fujitsu ScanSnap

During the pandemic, making deals with big businesses has become more difficult. How to speed up the process using the SecureDocs VDR or Fujitsu Scansnap?

Manage Deals with the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room

In recent years, the need to store and manage large amounts of data has grown exponentially. Data centers, cloud services, advanced computing technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and shared locations are just some of the business models that require the accumulation of huge amounts of data. Organizations that implement these models require predictable performance as they provide product solutions and meet requirements.

According to McKinsey & Co, every second B2B buyer postpones transactions due to the epidemiological situation. If earlier 43% of large sales came from offline meetings, after the quarantine, the share dropped to 16%. Now managers are forced to explore new approaches to the corporate client. For example, prepare online presentations or work more carefully together with marketers on the image of the brand on the network.

To speed up the deal in modern conditions, the SecureDocs virtual data room is actively used. It is a cloud data storage that allows you to provide different access rights for its users. Information for such rooms is provided by the object of sale. Documents are scanned and arranged in an organized manner on a special server. After starting the check, users are provided with details for accessing the VDR.

The list of documents for setting integration with the SecureDocs is usually quite extensive. It includes the following documents:

  • corporate documents (charter, registration certificates, protocols);
  • official financial and management reporting with all kinds of transcripts and audit reports;
  • contracts with customers, suppliers, and employment contracts;
  • title documents for movable and immovable property, intellectual property, tax returns, etc.

The Main Advantages and Integration Settings of Fujitsu ScanSnap

Document management is a part of everyday life, but this does not mean that the process should be laborious. With the Fujitsu ScanSnap, modern technologies are available to users of any level of technical training. The one-touch scanning method saves time on the most complex tasks. Digitize and save documents, then share them with colleagues – it’s easy!

Among the main advantages of Fujitsu ScanSnap are:

  1. Trusted with over 6 million units sold worldwide.
  2. Scan checks and receipts of different sizes in one go.
  3. Convenient browsing, managing, tagging, and searching functions.
  4. Full compliance with future macOS and Windows updates with new firmware and software for the 64-bit scanner.
  5. The ability to name the scanned document before sending it to Evernote or automatically name the text from the scanned documents.
  6. Scan to your Evernote account directly, to your computer, or to other cloud services.

Scan everything from business cards to A3 (landscape) documents. Any documents larger than A4, such as maps, historical documents, and drawings, can simply be placed on the black flatbed and scanned directly without any additional effort. The user interaction retouching tool allows you to hold your document in the correct position without worrying about fingers on the scanned image.

Upgrading a ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner to a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scanner will allow you to continue scanning to Evernote and other cloud services, as well as access all ScanSnap updates from Fujitsu in the future. This application allows an Android OS smartphone or tablet device to easily handle images scanned with the “ScanSnap” personal document scanner.